Rappelz Official

1. What are Achievements?
Achievements are awards you gain for accomplishing goals in-game. You earn achievements by completing specific objectives in Rappelz. Once you have earned an achievement you can never lose it.
2. What servers are enabled for the Achievement Shop?
Only characters in US servers can unlock achievements and any item bought in the Achievement Shop will only appear in US shop windows. Note: Nightmare is an international server and not a US server.
3. What do I get from an Achievement?
When you receive an Achievement it is displayed in your profile page. You also get special points for accomplishing the Achievement. These points are called Wchips.
4. What are Wchips?
Wchips are point rewards you get for unlocking Achievements. They can be used in the Achievement Shop to purchase in-game items.
5. Where can I see my Achievements?
You can see your Achievements on the My Achievements page.
6. Where can I see the available Achievements?
You can look up available Achievements in the Achievement Archive.
7. What is the Achievement Archive?
The Achievement Archive is your reference for looking up what Achievements are available. The Achievement Archive will list all non-hidden Achievements and let you know what you have to do to unlock them.
8. What is the Achievement Shop?
The Achievement Shop is a web based shop that lets you spend your Wchips on in-game items. Some items in the shop have Achievement prerequisites. If an item has a prerequisite then you must have that Achievement unlocked to purchase the item.